NHF’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC) recently issued four new documents, which are now available for easy access.

Document 275 emphasizes the pivotal part physical therapy plays in the integrated care of individuals with inheritable bleeding disorders. It includes a highly comprehensive series of recommendations relevant to evaluation, bleeding management, musculoskeletal complications, plus unique considerations relevant to PT across a patient’s lifespan and ultra rare bleeding disorders. The document contains a level of detail and context to make it a valuable resource for PTs working both inside and outside the HTC system.

View and download MASAC Recommendations Regarding Physical Therapy Management for the Care of Persons with Bleeding Disorders.

Document 276 is the latest version of the council’s most enduring and broad-based treatment document. It includes descriptions of, and recommendations for, the use of all therapies currently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat inheritable bleeding disorders.

View and download MASAC Recommendations Concerning Products Licensed for the Treatment of Hemophilia and Selected Disorders of the Coagulation System.

Document 277 is dedicated to helping guide hemophilia treatment centers in their efforts to prepare for commercial gene therapy. It lays out a “roadmap” for achieving preparedness, including its five primary components: 1) Education and Institutional Training 2) Patient Eligibility 3) Insurance Authorization and Support 4) Procurement and Administration 5) Patient Monitoring and Follow-up. The document also provides a list of existing educational resources from various entities including NHF, Medscape, the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy, and the IHTC Partners Program.

View and download MASAC Recommendations on Hemophilia Treatment Center Preparedness for Delivering Gene Therapy for Hemophilia.

Document 278, a product of MASAC’s Vaccine Working Group, has created a series of recommendations based on the most current literature available on vaccinations for children and adults with bleeding disorders. These recommendations, which align closely with those of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC, including age-specific guidance for immunizations, and travel-related information. The document also offers detailed protocols for the preparation and administration of vaccines to bleeding disorder patients.  

View and download MASAC Recommendations on Administration of Vaccines to Individuals with Bleeding Disorders.

Visit the NHF website to access a searchable list of all the current MASAC Documents.