The Red Tie Society is a membership program designed to bring together like-minded individuals and organizations committed to making a difference in the lives of those affected by bleeding disorders to share thoughts, ideas, and opportunities for the future.
In 2016, NBDF launched the Red Tie Challenge, a multi-year awareness, advocacy, and fundraising campaign designed to raise the visibility of bleeding disorders across the country and create a brand for the foundation. In its first three years, the Red Tie Challenge reached over 300 million people through various social and print media outlets including Facebook and USA Today.
The excitement built around the Red Tie Challenge led to increased dialogue surrounding volunteerism, information sharing, and financial support. To harness the collective passion of these individuals and businesses, NBDF created the Red Tie Society as a forum for the sharing of insights, ideas, information, and resources to better serve the needs of those affected by bleeding disorders through partnership and collaboration.