The Physician Partners with Purpose was created to provide a centralized opportunity for hematologists to support the inheritable blood disorders community. Hematologists are invested in the mission of NBDF and our community through a commitment to continued education and research, volunteer engagement, and financial support. The Physician Partners with Purpose recognizes the dedication and commitment of our hematologists.

As a member, you will have the opportunity to engage and network with your peers while also working with NBDF to create a sustainable pipeline of hematologists for generations to come. The group will have an opportunity to provide mentorship to young providers in the field.

Thank you for your support!


Join the Physician Partners with Purpose


Membership Level

Annual Commitment: $1,000

  • Recognition on the NBDF website, a quarterly issue of HemAware, Bleeding Disorders Conference Program, and Red Tie Soiree Journal
  • Quarterly inbox delivery of a personalized update from Dr. Len Valentino
  • Quarterly call with Dr. Len Valentino and other members of the giving society
  • Social media recognition as part of a “Medical Monday” series

** Medical students, fellows, or post-doctoral students are offered a one-year free membership and will receive all Member-level benefits. To sign up email

Annual Commitment: $2,500

  • All the above-mentioned benefits
  • Opportunity to present on a Wednesday webinar
  • 2 fireside chats to mentor the next generation of hematologists

Annual Commitment: $5,000

  • All the above-mentioned benefits
  • Private reception at the Bleeding Disorders Conference, starting in 2023

Annual Commitment: $10,000

  • All the above-mentioned benefits
  • Complimentary registration to the Bleeding Disorders Conference
  • Access to two professional development trainings