The NBDF-Takeda Clinical Fellowship Program, funded through the generous support of Takeda, is intended to increase the number of skilled clinicians committed to providing comprehensive care for individuals with bleeding disorders. The program is designed to provide licensed physicians with hands-on clinical training and prepare them for academic careers in bleeding disorders research. Mentored training takes place at highly-qualified hemophilia and/or thrombophilia treatment centers located throughout the United States. Through this program, award funding is provided to cover costs directly related to the training of physicians who show an interest in devoting their careers to the care of patients with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.

The NBDF-Takeda Clinical Fellowship program has provided support to over 43 physicians to date. Selections are made by an independent peer review panel and award recipients are able to receive up to $100,000/year (for up to two years). Takeda has continued to provide exclusive funding support for this training program, which allows NHF the ability to select one new physician fellow each year.

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In the field of rare disorders, hemophilia has been touted as a model for medical care delivery since the majority of patients benefit from receiving treatment at comprehensive care centers. However, this highly specialized care system has become increasingly fragile as a generation of experienced HTC physicians either retire or choose to leave the field. Such departures are accelerating as an ironic byproduct of the HTC success story: More and more patients are receiving prophylaxis and preventative care; more individuals are able to infuse themselves at home with advanced therapies, resulting in a reduction of patient-doctor contact hours. This situation, coupled with a relatively stable to low number of hemophilia patients, has imperiled the profession as a viable full-time practice. Other more systemic problems have included the lack of comprehensive training programs for bleeding disorder specialists and reduced institutional support for hemophilia clinical care and research. One proposed solution for meeting these patients’ needs is to support the training of physicians who are skilled in the treatment of both conditions at specially-designated care centers. Both NBDF and Takeda firmly believe that this solution offers a means to sustain the quality of treatment centers, increase the number of physicians attracted to this field, and spur institutional support.

How to Apply

Individual candidate nominations for the NBDF-Takeda Clinical Fellowship can only be put forth by institutions that have already been granted approval (or are in the process of applying) to participate in the program. A new institution may submit a full institutional application in the same year as a new candidate nomination.  However, the candidate's selection for the award will then be contingent upon the institutional application also receiving approval that same year.

* Institutional Application Deadline: TBA

* Candidate Nomination Deadline: TBA

Please click on the links below for more detailed instructions and eligibility requirements on both applications:

  • Step One
    Institutional Application: This application is intended for the medical director(s) and other senior faculty members/administrators affiliated with U.S. hemophilia and thrombophilia treatment centers not yet approved to participate in the NBDF-Takeda Clinical Fellowship Program. Only authorized institutions may subsequently nominate and train NBDF-Takeda Clinical Fellows. If approved, authorization is granted for a period of five years. Approved institutions must submit a re-application every five years, subject to review and approval, in order to continue their participation in the program.
  • Step Two
    Candidate Application: This application is intended for the medical director(s) and other senior faculty members/administrators of approved U.S. hemophilia and thrombophilia treatment centers to nominate qualified candidates as NBDF-Takeda Clinical Fellows. From among these candidates, the NBDF-Takeda Clinical Fellow is selected by peer review and awarded up to $100,000 per year, for up to two years.