Every day, chapters across the country work with the blood and bleeding disorders community around them. Since 2021, Jacob Murdock has served as Chapter Executive Director in Nevada. He took time out of his busy schedule to tell us why loves the Nevada Chapter.

How long has your Chapter been serving the community?

We were founded as the Hemophilia Foundation of Nevada in 1990. We became a national chapter of NHF in 2011. The chapter was founded by Renee Paper, a nurse and a pioneer in the treatment of women with bleeding disorders.

Tell us more about your founder.

Renee had VWD and was a national figure in spreading awareness and treatment options. She started the Nevada chapter after being told she would have to return to home state of California if she wanted to receive the care she needed. Rather than concede, Renee decided to bring resources to the bleeding disorders community in Nevada.

She went on to co-author the first book on VWD and create events where the community could form connections with others who understood what they were experiencing. We hold an annual picnic in her honor.

What do you like most about your Chapter?

Each family and community in our state is unique. We serve each corner of the state - from urban areas to rural areas. We know that the needs and interests of folks in one part of the state may not be the same as those in a different part of the state, and this really makes the work interesting.

We also have a very rich history of involvement from our community members spanning over 30 years and plenty of multi-generation families are involved in the chapter.

Our chapter staff team (Jacob, Stephanie, and Danielle), while new to the blood disorders community, are all passionate about working with our community to co-create the education, experiences and support that is a best fit for all of our members.

What are you excited about right now?

We love this walk video that was created from our 2022 Las Vegas Unite Walk. You can watch it here.

Thank you to Jacob and everyone about the Nevada chapter for everything you do for the bleeding disorders community! Learn more about the Nevada chapter on their website or connect on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.