Financing a higher education poses considerable challenges, especially as yearly tuition and other school-related costs continue to rise. For many individuals and families considering a higher education, awareness of any opportunities to defray those costs is critical. In addition, because decisions about school can have both near-term and long-term implications, it is also helpful to understand the many financial variables. 


Fortunately, there are scholarships developed for aspiring college students affected by hemophilia, von Willebrand disease (VWD), and other rare bleeding disorders. There are also resources that will aid students and families in weighing the key factors that will directly impact their financial futures.


To that end, the April edition of HANDI Highlights is focused on resources to help plan financing for higher learning.  


HANDI Highlights is a monthly communication designed to connect the bleeding disorders community with timely, practical, and readily-accessible resources. The March edition was dedicated to basic introductory resources on hemophilia, rare and ultra rare bleeding disorders, and VWD. Upcoming editions will focus on various topics, including go-to resources for newly diagnosed families, new and emerging therapies, and more.


Next Up – We’ll be focusing resources that align with May and Mental Health Awareness Month. 


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