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NBDF Celebrates HHS Final Rule Strengthening Protections Against Disability Discrimination

Celebrating a monumental victory for individuals with disabilities across the United States. 


(NEW YORK, NY — May 16, 2024) The National Bleeding Disorders Foundation (NBDF) formerly known as the National Hemophilia Foundation, joins hands with the Bleeding Disorders Substance Use and Mental Health Access Coalition (BD SUMHAC) and the Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA) in celebrating a historic triumph that resonates deeply with all individuals and families living with inheritable bleeding disorders and disabilities, as delineated within prevailing federal regulations. 

This announcement marks a significant milestone as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), through its Office for Civil Rights (OCR), finalized a rule aiming to prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability. Titled "Discrimination on the Basis of Disability in Health and Human Service Programs or Activities," this rule strengthens protections for people with disabilities under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. 

For too long, individuals with bleeding disorders have faced barriers to accessing essential behavioral health facilities due to misconceptions, biases, and stereotypes. The finalized files, responding to advocacy efforts from the bleeding disorders community, ensure that medical providers, including behavioral health facilities, cannot deny access solely based on the presence of a diagnosis such as a bleeding disorder. 

"This rule is a game-changer for individuals with bleeding disorders who have long struggled to access necessary behavioral health services," said Philip Gattone, President, and CEO at NBDF. "By clarifying that protections under Section 504 extend to medical settings and requiring an individualized inquiry to determine eligibility for treatment, this rule will greatly enhance equity and access for our community." 

BD SUMHAC, led by the New England Hemophilia Association (NEHA) and including HFA and NBDF as key coalition members, played a vital role in advocating for the inclusion of strong language in the final rule. The coalition's mission to address barriers to inpatient and residential mental health and substance use treatment for people with bleeding disorders has culminated in this momentous achievement. 

"We are thrilled that HHS has responded to our advocacy efforts and recognized the importance of ensuring equal access to behavioral health facilities for individuals with bleeding disorders," said Kate Bazinsky, Chair of BD SUMHAC. "This rule will pave the way for greater understanding and inclusivity within the healthcare system, benefiting countless individuals in our community."

Moving forward, NBDF, BD SUMHAC, and HFA remain committed to working with OCR to ensure the appropriate enforcement of this newly released clarification of Section 504. Together, they will continue to advocate for policies and initiatives that promote equity, access, and dignity for individuals with bleeding disorders. 

Fore more information about the final rule, please view HHS's full press release, or download the fact sheet on the rule. To learn more about NBDF visit,, or follow the Foundation on social media @nbdf_foundation



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