It’s June and with Summer almost upon us, it’s a time to head outside for more fun in the sun! It’s also a great time to consider a few resources on maintaining healthy joints before engaging in outdoor activities. This edition of HANDI Highlights contains relevant content links about the anatomy and treatment of joint bleeds, safe participation in sports, and important tips on prevention and exercise. The selected resources include publications, articles, and videos meant for individuals with inherited bleeding disorders and their health care providers. 


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HANDI Highlights is a monthly communication designed to connect the bleeding disorders community with timely, practical, and readily-accessible resources.. The May edition was dedicated to mental health and offered specific resources for helping people with bleeding disorders manage the stresses of living with a chronic disorder.


Next Up – We’ll be sharing resources dedicated to pain and pain management. 


Visit NBDF’s publications homepage to access a full list of resources. Go to the HANDI homepage to learn more about our information service and read choice answers to frequently asked questions about hemophilia, von Willebrand disease , and other bleeding disorders.