The Rare Diseases Diversity Coalition (RDDC) is currently seeking applicants for its 2023 Rare Disease Fellowship Program, which is aimed at inspiring the next generation of the medical workforce to work in the rare disease space and achieve greater health equity for people of color living with rare diseases.

The Fellowship allows rare disease organizations to collaborate with fellows to better understand the health impacts of that disease on communities of color. In addition, the Fellow will gain a greater awareness of the challenges of living with rare diseases

Once accepted, two Fellows will each be matched with a respective rare disease organization for a period of six months. The Fellowship is open to undergraduates, medical students, early-career physicians, nurses, medical researchers who have been practicing less than five years, and medical or nursing residents who have a demonstrated interest in addressing rare disease disparities among communities of color. Individuals from racial and ethnic populations and/or underserved communities, such as individuals with disabilities or living with a rare disease, will be given priority consideration.

The application deadline is June 30th at 11:59pm EST. Learn more and apply today!

The RDDC is a partnership of rare disease experts, patient and provider organizations, and health equity advocates working to address the extraordinary challenges faced by rare disease patients of diverse communities. It is committed to being a catalyst for rare disease patients who have been marginalized and the extraordinary challenges they face, seeking solutions on diversity in research and clinical trials, in the healthcare workforce, in policy and legislation, improving access and coverage, and increasing provider and patient engagement. RDDC seeks to identify and advocate for evidenced-based solutions to alleviate the disproportionate burden of rare diseases on these communities and help achieve greater equity within the rare disease community.