NBDF’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC)  issues recommendations and advisories on treatment, research and other general health concerns for the inheritable blood and bleeding disorders community.

MASAC communications cover a wide range of medical issues, from prevention and treatment to infectious disease complications and women with bleeding disorders. Each year, MASAC establishes standard treatment guidelines. These are often referred to by international experts, medical schools, pharmacists, emergency room personnel, insurance companies and many others.

MASAC For You (MFY) publications are consumer facing, and aim to distill the important medical information found in the MASAC Guidelines, into concise, accessible language in both English and Spanish languages. MFY publications are designed to be shared with medical providers, schools, caregivers, and family members. These “go to” documents empower the community by having quick access to reliable, expert information.

People with bleeding disorders can share MASAC documents with their healthcare providers for shared decision making regarding their treatment.

MASAC Documents