Damia Dillard, LCSW
Social Worker, UC Davis Medical Center

Denise Lowery, LCSW
Social Worker, UC Davis Medical Center


Caroline Giroux, MD, FRCPC
Associate Clinical Professor, Psychiatry
UC Davis Medical Center, Behavioral Health Clinic
Director, UC Davis Trauma Recovery Center
Co-Director, RESTART Program: Resilience, Education and Supportive Tools for Adults Recovering from Trauma

By the end of this session, the participant should be better able to:

  • Describe key findings from the study of ACEs and the impact on the whole person, including the characteristics of the trauma experience for older adults
  • Discuss the essential ingredients for harmonious development and the mechanisms within the stress response system
  • Define TIC, practical strategies, and treatment modalities for trauma-related disorders
  • List resilience factors in older populations and ways to enhance resilience