Bleeding disorder summer camps vary in their health care needs based on size, availability of trained medical persons on staff, and distance from professional medical facilities. They do not vary in their need for comprehensive health center standards.

These standards were developed by professionals in the medical and camping fields who convened at the 2005 North American Camping Conference of Hemophilia Organizations (NACCHO) Conference in Tempe, Arizona. They were updated and approved by MASAC in April 2017. The original Hemophilia Camp Program Standards were developed in 1993 by the camp subcommittee of the National Bleeding Disorders Foundation's Nursing Executive Committee. The current standards have incorporated the Association of Camp Nurses (ACN) and American Camping Association (ACA) standards. The research and final draft was compiled by the NACCHO Pre-Conference Committee members listed below:

Chair:  Jim Munn, RN-BC, MS
Emily Bisson, MSN, CPNP; Sheryl Hubble, RN, BSN; Judy Kauffman, RN, CPNP; 
Lori Wagner, MSN, FNP; Cindy Komar, CEO of Arizona Hemophilia Association; and Stephanie Simpson, Executive Director, Bleeding Disorders Foundation of Washington 

We would like to recognize the committee that created the 2005 “Camp Standards” document, which provided to foundation for this update.  These individuals included:

Chair: Jim Munn, RN, MS
Sue Adkins, RN; Val Bias; Peter Carner, MEd; Marilyn Manco-Johnson, MD; Michael Rosenthal; Nancy Roy, MSN, FNP; Kirstin Schmidt, RN; Julia Sek, RN; and Lori Wagner, RN